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Crunching and snapping and rustling growing ever stronger in the green-choked undergrowth. A dark and great lump approached, pushing through the great trees at a rather glacial pace. Insects and birds and small animals burst from cover and in all directions, fleeing the shape as it destroyed all in its path.  And Grendel could only sit there as it passed by.

It was truly the largest Achigate he had ever seen. The titanic spiral shell oscillated gently from side to side as she moved, like a great fortress parading for all to see. Dark rust blots and shades of cream coloured it, and most of the structure was overgrown with delicate ferns and lichens that quietly shivered and chimed with her every movement.

Her mauve skin appeared soft, but at the same time it showed patterns reminiscent of scales, and it was almost blindingly shiny with transparent slime. Grendel could make out what seemed to be crawling dots here and there; colourful wingless flies leisurely feeding on the mucus. Above the enormous slithering foot there was her human half, an adult woman. She towered over the squamataur and had a pronounced pot belly, but even then, he had to admit, she had an adorable beauty to her.

The hair was a mix of brown and orange like autumn leaves, and while it split in pointed edges below the triangular ears, the rest of it was woven in two perfectly round buns, both of them decorated with minuscule yellow petals and with a single eye stalk poking from each. Green eyes peered from under sleepy eyelids, and a mellow smile crossed her face. Large and perky breasts were covered by her hair and a little coat of leaves in a vague semblance of modesty.

Such a giantess glided through the forest floor, not appearing to notice the damage she leaved behind or the squamataur watching her in great awe. Her arms again and again reached towards the greenery, plucking soft leaves and flowers in great masses that she munched in a placid way. All the while she never stopped to blurb and hum happily to herself, only sometimes cooing in delight at some vegetal delicacy that caught her attention.

Her eyes suddenly drifted towards Grendel, and he cocked his head in surprise. Just as he was going to stand up, however, the Achigate let out a soft giggle and actually waved at him, smiling bemusedly. None of them were in any danger. She was far too large and slimy for Grendel, and could always retreat in her shell if anything happened. And she could not harm him even if she tried. The squamataur had already fed anyway, and snail flesh wasn't too much of his liking. That said, she was clearly enjoying the admiration.

And as that moment ended, the enormous lady was back to her ravenous feeding, and continued her painfully slow path as if nothing had happened. Some time after, she had once again disappeared in the vegetation, damaged plants and a trail of fresh, fly-infested slime left in her wake. Grendel was alone with his thoughts once again

How nice it must be to live without a care…
Something kind of different this time around!
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Karbo Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
I really liked that one a lot :D
Nice contemplative moment here and your descriptions were really great :)

And you are offcilally the first person ever writting about Achigates ! XD
Gorger Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2010
And I hope to not be the last XD
PandaESL Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2010
Very nice imagery in this, a lot of good descriptive words. I liked it, it was different; but unique would be a better word to use ^^
Gorger Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2010
Thanks :)
Yu-Gi-Oh-Lover Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2010
Wow,Grendel didn't got screwed this time.He must be relifed.
FrenchSnack Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Somewhat different indeed. A peaceful, contemplative moment. And a good start for an achigate's first appearance in a story! :)
Gorger Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2010
Which was about time, I'd say :p

I usually imagine life in Felarya like this. If you can manage to stay alive long enough, you can always stop to see the wonders around you
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